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As in every country, there are different ways to view the regions. The official way, is via the Communities.

Spain is divided up into a number of autonomous communities (see the map of Spain on the right), each with its own regional assembly, giving each one a certain amount of independence from the central government in Madrid. The amount of independence gives cause to many political arguments.

An alternative view might be to consider the regions by their commercial activities. The two powerhouses are Madrid, and Barcelona. Barcelona tends to attract the more 'arty' types of business. The north and west of Spain are wet, by comparison, so this differentiates it from the central areas, which tend to be drier and flatter. And of course, the coasts, or costas, attract holidaymakers.

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Have a look at these sites about Spain that we have recently come across. Firstly, there's "Helpful and friendly real estate on the Costa del Sol", which we have entered into our Property Sale in Spain section. Jo and Paul have lived in La Cala de Mijas for almost 10 years. As property developers and investors both here in Spain and back in the UK, as well as working in an Estate Agency in London for many years, they have both the experience and passion to find you exactly what you're looking for. Located in Mijas Costa

Then, there is "Save over 80% on your heating bills with Nordic Energi by installing our Thermodynamic panels", which we have entered into our Home and Garden in Spain section. Nordic Energi

Wouldn’t you rather spend money on fun things instead of heating the water in your house?

Nordic Energi´s Thermodynamic panels heats water up to 55°C in any weather, day or night, 365 days a year and have no need for direct sunshine – So, how is this possible?

The panels contain natural refrigerant, a harmless and amazing liquid which evaporates at very low temperatures. Once the liquid inside the panel has evaporated, the temperature of the resulting gas is greatly increased by compressing it. The location is Marbella

Finally, take a look at "Twitface Open", which we have entered into our Golf in Spain section. Find them in Casares

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