Alpandeire, Malaga

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map of Alpandeire
Map of Alpandeire

Sunrise at 8:29 AM,
Sunset at 18:38 PM

Alpandeire is located in the province of Malaga, in the Community of Andalucia, Spain. Nearby towns include Farajan (2 km away) - Atajate (3 km away) - Juzcar (3 km away) - Pujerra (5 km away) - Jimera de Libar (6 km away). Nearest airports are - Gibraltar, (IATA code GIB) (55 km away) - Malaga, (IATA code AGP) (62 km away) - Moron Ab, Sevilla (IATA code OZP) (70 km away) - Jerez, (IATA code XRY) (77 km away) (All distances direct, not road distance).

Population as at 2009 was 271 including 13 from the EU, making 4.80 % of the population, and which includes 6 from France, 7 from UK

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Alpandeire is a Spanish municipality and village located in the Ronda area, near the peak of Jarestepar, (1,421 metres high), and surrounded by rugged and beautiful scenery. Numerous streams run through its territory. The municipality belongs to Málaga province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Its geographic coordinates are: latitude: 36° 37' 60N, longitude: 5° 12' 0W, altitude: 763 msl.


In Moorish times, Alpandeire was a fort built by the Saracens after the battle of Guadalete. It is believed that there were human settlements in Alpandeire in pre-historic times, since burial grounds discovered in the area point right to the Iron and Bronze ages.

In 1815 Alpandeire obtained the title of Villazgo as an award by Fernando VII for the stubborn resistance of its population during the French occupation.

The "Virgen del Rosario" is the traditional patron saint of Alpandeire.


The municipality has a population of 291 (male: 144, female: 147), an area of 31 km² and a population density of 9.04. Six (5%) of the Alpandeire residents are foreigners.

Local administration

The former mayor of Alpandeire was Ms. Raquel Mena Medinilla, of the coalition Izquierda Unida- Los Verdes - Convocatoria por Andalucía prior to the municipal elections of May 2007. This coalition had three councillors in the town's ayuntamiento, while the Partido Socialista Obrero Español had three, and the Partido Popular had one. The current mayor came into office in June 2007 and is from the PSOE.


In the 2004 Spanish General Election the ruling Partido Socialista Obrero Español got 54.3% of the vote in Alpandeire, the Partido Popular got 25.3%, Izquierda Unida got 14.0%, and the Partido Andalucista got 3.8%.


* Fray Leopoldo de Alpandeire

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