Arriate, Malaga

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map of Arriate
Map of Arriate

Sunrise at 8:24 AM,
Sunset at 18:05 PM

Arriate is located in the province of Malaga, in the Community of Andalucia, Spain. Nearby towns include Ronda (6 km away) - Setenil de las Bodegas (8 km away) - Cuevas del Becerro (11 km away) - Montejaque (11 km away) - Alcala del Valle (12 km away). Nearest airports are - Malaga, (IATA code AGP) (58 km away) - Moron Ab, Sevilla (IATA code OZP) (59 km away) - Gibraltar, (IATA code GIB) (74 km away) - Jerez, (IATA code XRY) (82 km away) - Sevilla, (IATA code SVQ) (95 km away) (All distances direct, not road distance).

Population as at 2009 was 4,136 including 122 from the EU, making 2.95 % of the population, and which includes 3 from Germany, 3 from Belgium, 9 from France, 1 from Ireland, 5 from Italy, 1 from Holland, 60 from UK, 3 from Slovakia, 37 from Rumania

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Long before even Ronda had a name, the Iberians were here, and before them cave dwellers in the hills beside the Rio Guadalcobarin. For about four hundred years, beginning around the 8th Century BC, a complex and lively Iberian settlement existed, comprising at least three related hill forts. Cerro del Coto was particularly suited for the siting of a defensive fort, and archæological finds have confirmed that all of the interacting communities traded with the passing Phœnicians

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