Campo Real, Madrid

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map of Campo Real
Map of Campo Real

Sunrise at 8:29 AM,
Sunset at 17:48 PM

Campo Real is located in the province of Madrid, in the Community of Madrid, Spain. Nearby towns include Loeches (5 km away) - Pozuelo del Rey (5 km away) - Arganda del Rey (6 km away) - Torres de la Alameda (7 km away) - Valdilecha (8 km away). Nearest airports are - Madrid Met Center, Madrid (13 km away) - Torrejon, Madrid (IATA code TOJ) (17 km away) - Barajas, Madrid (IATA code MAD) (21 km away) - Getafe, Madrid (29 km away) - Cuatro Vientos, Madrid (34 km away) - Ocana, (45 km away) (All distances direct, not road distance).

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