Guaro, Malaga

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map of Guaro
Map of Guaro

Sunrise at 8:00 AM,
Sunset at 20:29 PM

Guaro is located in the province of Malaga, in the Community of Andalucia, Spain. Nearby towns include Monda (3 km away) - Coin (6 km away) - Tolox (7 km away) - Alozaina (8 km away) - Ojen (10 km away). Nearest airports are - Malaga, (IATA code AGP) (29 km away) - Gibraltar, (IATA code GIB) (72 km away) - Moron Ab, Sevilla (IATA code OZP) (90 km away) (All distances direct, not road distance).

Population as at 2009 was 2,272 including 301 from the EU, making 13.25 % of the population, and which includes 35 from Germany, 1 from Austria, 10 from Belgium, 1 from Denmark, 14 from France, 2 from Ireland, 5 from Italy, 11 from Holland, 10 from Portugal, 178 from UK, 34 from Rumania

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Guaro is a municipality of the Malaga Province in Andalucia, Spain, where 2,228 people currently live. It belongs to the Guadalhorce valley area, 44 kilometres off Malaga Capital, and it stands 354 metres above sea level. The land area is 22 square kilometres. Guaro's main economical activities are olive and almond agriculture, along with other traditional irrigated crops, and oddly-enough, as of 2006 the number of women with work contracts doubled that of men.

The first settlement in the area dates from Arabic times and was located at the place known as Old Guaro, at the feet of a tower that once was part of the line of fortifications of Guadalhorce valley. The municipality was conquered by the Catholic Kings in 1485. Guaro became an independent village on 1614 by decree of King Felipe IV. The city is notable for its typical Andalus streets bordered with white houses garnished with flowers. Its main monument is Saint Michel's parish, built in the XVI century and reformed in early XVII by Pedro Días de Palacios, that exhibits a square, two-bodied tower and no lateral vessels.

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