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Property for sale direct from owner in Antequera
Village House
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We are pleased to offer a large 5 bed village house for sale in Alameda, near Antequera with Mediterranean fruit orchard & out buildings...
Price : 80,000 Euros

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Ode to a dedicated Holidaymaker

Strange thing, but when I first came to Spain I was flabbergasted at the attire parading in front of me as I sat at Sinatra's in Puerto Banus front line sipping my "con leche". There were semi naked "ladies" letting it all "hang loose" in skirts up to their buttocks and bikini tops that were either bought on or made out of a shoestring, parading around like they were in Sainsbury's and this was their normal dress code! I must say that later that same day I saw the very same ladies still "undressed" walking around a local Spanish supermarket and my empathy went out to them when I saw them, nipples erect and goose fleshed walking past the chilled and frozen food sections. But respect, I say, they refused to put their clothes on, and why on earth should they as they were on HOLIDAY in every sense of the word! They were obviously determined to expose every inch of flesh they could wherever they could which is something you just cannot do back in rainy zero degree old england - well unless you live in Manchester or Liverpool that is!

Back to my coffee, and I watch with amazement as the next group of girls walk past giggling (probably about the "lobsters" that had just walked past in the opposite direction!) Any way these girls, I pondered must have just walked out of a climate twilight zone, as they were dressed in jeans, jumpers boots and coats. How strange?

Not really, once you have lived here for a while, and you become acclimatised, to the fabulous weather we have here in the Costa del Sol, you DO understand that when you LIVE here, even the English soon adjust to the climatical environment just as the Spanish have done for years. I apologise now to my father who I used to consider totally insane when he would strip off to his shorts in December in my garden and expose his (ample) flesh to the elements, whilst I would sit there in "normal" clothes. To him this mild winter we were having was "like a summer's day" back in England! The exposure of his anatomy was not then a freaky father, but a representation of how warm the English find Spain compared to England when they come here for a holiday.

Unless you travel back to the UK regularly you easily forget that piercing feeling as you exit the airport, of bitter cold air rushing through your nasal passages, sinuses and into your lungs; of that wind finding every single gap in your clothing and even getting through the weave of the cloth. As you head for the taxis, and the wind swirls around your previously perfect hair, and sticks hair to your eyes and the roof or your mouth, the rain starts up, penetrating your very brain and you wonder what on earth you are doing here!

Sitting here in the glorious sunshine, sipping my third coffee, watching the cosmopolitan passers by, whether holiday makers or residents I realise in truth just how lucky I am to live in this fabulous place that welcomes one and all with open arms. I look across the harbour to the fabulous luxury yachts that moor here, owned by the fortunate (or foolish!) without care or concern as to the extortionate mooring fees or running costs of such an expensive adult toy. I watch holiday makers walk past the many designer shops and boutiques in awe that so many such shops can exist in one place. I watch the owners of Lamborghinis and Porsches drive through the gated port just to attract attention from the opposite sex to their excellent but extravagant taste. I watch with admiration the beautiful people parading in their designer labels and purchased appearance and I silently acknowledge respect of this lifestyle with mild amusement.

But in reality the people I admire most of all being here are the supermarket "ladies" described above who don't dress to impress, but have come to this fabulous place to enjoy themselves, and Goddammit I am convinced they will! These "normal" people just like me when I first came here; want escape from their normal lives, jobs or country, leaving reality behind. They will enjoy themselves at all costs and have a holiday to remember. These people work hard all year round just to experience two weeks of this lifestyle, deserve nothing less.

This article was written by, who runs the rental property website at Costa Coastal Villas

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discount hotel in Benalmadena

Featured Malaga province Hotel
Marina Sur Hotel Costa Del Sol

Located in Torremolinos

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We have holidayed frequently in Benalmádena, Costa Del Sol for the past 8 years, liking the area so much that we decided to purchase a holiday home.

We became involved in the purchase of our holiday home at the pre-building stage and took possession in in January 2006 and since then, we have enjoyed numerous family holidays there. We are only a 15 minute drive from Málaga Airport and the urbanisation lies in a valley located directly underneath Benalmádena Pueblo, an old traditional and typically Spanish white washed village.

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We currently list 4401 properties for sale in Malaga province.

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Property in Marbella
Ref: 63633 - Plot of 1,140m2, to build 20% (228m2 excluding terraces and basement), with a project for a 4-bedroom villa, all approved and licenses in place...
Price : 230,000 Euros

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