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Marbella Mindfulness Retreats
in Marbella, Malaga province

Tuesday, 17th December 2019

Marbella Mindfulness Retreats

Feeling stressed…tired…worn out…? Ready to throw in the towel…? There’s a magical place in southern Spain where you can relax, unwind and recharge. A place which, when you hear the name, may surprise you – Marbella…! But this isn’t the Marbella of bling, boats and bars that you know from television documentaries. Forget everything negative you’ve ever seen and heard – the Marbella I live in and invite my clients to is a world away from that. What I offer is a holistic retreat in a paradise on the Costa del Sol.

I understand you need a break from the culture of long hours and feeling undervalued and burned out; and that you need quiet time and space to breathe and think about what to do next, which direction to go in and what you really want to do with the rest of your life. You crave peace and tranquility, healthy food, gentle walks along the beach, silence; the beauty of the countryside and mountains. You need to rediscover the meaning of your unique purpose; your true reason for being here on earth.

Forget the grey skies and grey people for a while, the soul-less concrete buildings and mind-numbing work routines. Marbella Mindfulness Retreats are for those who are ready to take some personal time out for gentle exercise, meditation, coaching and healing.

I offer 3-day retreats in the heart of the old town of Marbella, the beautiful Casco Antiguo; just a 5 minute walk to the beach and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and from where, on a clear day, you can see the mountains of Morocco and the rock of Gibraltar.

Depending on the time of year, you can smell the oranges on the trees in the daytime, the jasmine at night. Stroll through narrow, cobbled streets and take tapas and a chilled glass of wine in the heat of the day. At night these same streets take on an enchanting ambience, lit by table candles and with the sound of flamenco music seeping through doors and windows; a truly magical experience.

With Marbella Mindfulness Retreats you stay in a guest house or small hotel in or near the heart of the old town – home comfort without extravagance – and where you are treated like a person and not a number.

Daily sessions of healing, meditation, gentle exercise and coaching are carried out in my home – in the consultation room or on the roof terrace – and in other locations nearby where the peace, tranquility and beauty of the area can help you think, heal and grow. There is free time available every day too, to spend as you choose. Lunches and dinners are at local restaurants: good home cooking using healthy ingredients. During meals, you are accompanied by me or another English/Spanish-speaking colleague, so you never need to worry about communication problems. Evening shopping around the old town can also be arranged.

If you feel you’re falling apart, Marbella Mindfulness Retreats can put you back together again. Individuals and small groups welcome. Prices vary according to time of year and requirements. To receive a tick-box questionnaire requesting your dates and requirements, please contact me.

I look forward to welcoming you to my paradise by the sea – reconnecting mind to body to spirit!

Jean Gilhead is a trained and qualified Life Coach from Richmond, Surrey with over 25 years of experience, who can help you tackle problems and design a happier, healthier and brighter future for yourself. She helps and guides people through their life transitions using an assortment of tools from her coaching toolbox. Please go to www.jeangilhead.comfor more information about Jean and how she works.

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