A Site for You

A site that you can update yourself

We can create a site for you, that you will be able to amend - instantly - without waiting (or paying for!) a programmer

You can have as many pages as you want - just add them yourself. You can have your own domain name, and have complete control

Host it with us, and we will provide support and help when you need it

You need no programming skills yourself, if you can use a Word Processor or email, you will be able to use this.

You can add pictures, movies, sounds, whatever you want.

If you ever get stuck, you can always ask for help

And if you don't have time to update the site, or part of the site, yourself, you can always get us to do it for you, for a small charge

Included on your site will be various extras, including a messagebox - where people can contact you, without you exposing your email address to spammers

All this, and more, for a one off payment of only 99 Euros

If you use our hosting, which is only 6 Euros per month

  • you can also have as many email addresses as you want, with your own domain name in it
  • you can have unlimited disk space and bandwidth (conditions apply)

Drop us a line, and we will explain what we can do for you.

Ask any questions here via our messaging system

Coming Soon!

We are creating a number of sites about specific towns, and you can use the these sites as you choose - to advertise your own company, to publicise your society, or accept adverts and use it as a business opportunity.

All the sites work together, so you will have your own town, and you can work with sites for other neighbouring towns, passing adverts and information around, and helping each other in various ways, including creating an income.

Ask any questions here
via our messaging system

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